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Software and drivers are in zip format and require a zip tool to extract the files. Modem's are usually supplied by Abriox with the system. Other GSM modems may work but operation/support is not guaranteed. Please note which driver you require according to the version of Windows you are running.

Before installing the CPSM software, ensure that the GSM modem is installed and fully functional. Refer to the modem’s installation guide for instructions on how to do this.

Samba 55/56

Samba 55/56 Modem Driver
Drivers for the GSM/GPRS Samba 55/56 USB Modem.

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Samba 75

Samba 75 Modem Driver
Drivers for the GSM/GPRS/Edge Samba 75 USB Modem.

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MC 75 Modem Driver
Drivers for the GSM/GPRS/Edge MC75 USB Modem.

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Elproma G24 (RB-24i)

Elproma Modem Driver
Drivers for the GSM/GPRS/Edge Elproma/Teleorigin USB Modem.

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Need assistance installing your modem drivers?

In all instances, please contact your IT Administration for first line support followed by the manufacturer of your chosen modem. Abriox can offer limited assistance in installing your modem if required.