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Qatar Initiative

Abriox is now active in Qatar. Qatar has a unique central location at the hub of Middle East, Asian, and European trade with an economy that is among the fastest growing in the Middle East and predicted to double in size by 2012. With assistance from International Business Wales, Abriox [...]

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Abriox Wins National Business Awards

At the British Chambers of Commerce Awards, held at London’s National Maritime Museum on 26 November 2009, Abriox won the national “Most Promising New Business” and the “Achievement in International Business” awards. Abriox represented the Wales region in both categories. The Chamber Awards were launched by the BCC in 2004 [...]

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First MERLIN Installed in Spain

Abriox has installed the first MERLIN remote CP monitoring system in Spain, in association with a major pipeline operator. The system includes monitoring at both test post and transformer rectifier, the latter including remote synchronised interruption capability. An external relay is used to switch the output of the TR on [...]

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Abriox Gains ISO Accreditation

Abriox has been certified to ISO9001:2008 for “the design, management of manufacture and servicing of a range of electronic monitoring equipment”. ISO 9000 is a range of quality standards maintained by the International Standards Organisation and administered by independent 3rd parties – in Abriox’s case, audits were carried out, and [...]

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National Grid Agreement Signed

National Grid Gas Plc has awarded Abriox a Framework Agreement for the supply of Cathodic Protection (CP) monitoring equipment for the UK’s National Transmission System (NTS). The NTS is the high pressure part of National Grid’s Network and consists of over 7,600km of high quality welded carbon steel pipeline operating [...]

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Colonial Success

Colonial Pipeline Co. has selected the Abriox MERLIN system to monitor pipelines in Georgia and North & South Carolina. Colonial’s total pipeline network extends over 5,500 miles. It transports an average of 100 million gallons of petroleum products each day from refineries in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to 267 [...]

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UAE Distributor Appointed

Abriox is pleased to announce the signing of an Agency Agreement for the United Arab Emirates with Al Masaood Oil Industry Supplies & Services Co. Al Masaood OISS is one of the leading oilfield supplies and services company in UAE and provides advanced quality products and solutions. The head office [...]

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First French System Installed

In cooperation with COREXCO, Abriox has installed its first MERLIN CP monitoring system near Paris for a major pipeline operator. COREXCO have been experts in the field of cathodic protection since 1991. Located in Rhône-Alpes they are members of CEFRACOR (French Centre l'Anticorrosion). In addition to transformer rectifier and test [...]

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Abriox Win P.I.G. Award

Abriox is the 2009 winner of the Pipeline Industries Guild’s Land-Based Pipeline Technology Award. This is awarded to a company which, in the opinion of the judges, has provided the onshore pipeline industry with an important new technique which constitutes an identifiable step forward in cost reduction, improved safety or [...]

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Abriox Exhibits at NACE 2009

Abriox Inc. exhibited at the NACE Corrosion 2009 Exhibition in Atlanta, GA. This was the third time Abriox had exhibited at the event, attended by over 4,500 corrosion industry professionals during the week of March 22-26. This year, several visitors to the booth were existing users of our MERLIN system [...]

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