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Scheduled Interruption

In response to requests from customers, Abriox has introduced “Scheduled Interruption” to its iCPSM and CPSM database packages. This new feature is an enhancement to the existing GPS-synchronized interruption facility within the software that enables customers with MERLIN SUPER or EXCEL models to interrupt the output of their transformer rectifiers [...]

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Major Contract for UAE Pipeline Network

Abriox has been awarded a contract to remotely monitor the transformer rectifiers of one of the UAE’s major gas pipeline operators. Dolphin Energy Limited was set up in 1999 to implement the Dolphin Gas Project, which involves production and processing of natural gas from Qatar's offshore North Field and transportation [...]

2017-02-01T11:02:14+00:00November 2nd, 2013|

Abriox Exhibits/Presents in Australia

Abriox has exhibited and presented a paper to the Australian Corrosion Association’s annual conference. The 2013 event, held at the Brisbane Convention Centre in Queensland, took place from 10-13 November. It brought together leading experts on corrosion and its mitigation to discuss the latest industry advances and issues. Abriox exhibited [...]

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PressureTrac Software

Abriox announces the first release of its PressureTrac™ software. PressureTrac™ is a dedicated web-based pressure management software system for displaying, recording and exporting pressure data from the range of OSPREY® pressure validators. The data is displayed graphically and in tabulated format for quick and easy viewing, along with accurate GPS [...]

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Abriox Exhibits at Rio Pipelines

Following pilot trials with Brazilian pipeline operators, Abriox exhibited at the 9th Rio Pipeline Conference and Exposition from 24-26 September at the SulAmérica Conventions Center in Rio de Janeiro. More than 2,200 visitors and 950 delegates attended and 150 companies, including Abriox, introduced new technologies and services for the Brazilian [...]

2017-02-01T11:02:14+00:00September 1st, 2013|

OSPREY Approved for Take Off

Abriox announces the launch of the OSPREY Pressure Validator following receipt of its ATEX certification, which means it is certified for use on natural gas networks. This new product, Abriox’s first in the field of pressure management, has been designed in response to customers’ need for new technology to improve [...]

2017-02-01T11:02:14+00:00August 1st, 2013|

MERLIN in a Box

Customers requiring a Merlin monitor for a rectifier (or solar station) can now have it supplied in its own sealed enclosure. This configuration is suited to customers who have harsh environmental conditions, for example dust in the desert or saline sprays in a coastal location. It is also applicable if [...]

2017-02-01T11:02:14+00:00July 1st, 2013|

We Continue to Improve iCPSM for Customers

Those of you who use the iCPSM software may have noticed that we have released the pipeline mapping feature. This fantastic feature will allow you to gain a top level view of all the MERLIN remote monitors you have deployed. The mapping will allow you to see instantly if there [...]

2017-02-01T11:02:14+00:00May 1st, 2013|

Abriox Exhibits at NACE 2013

The annual NACE conference and exhibition attracts more than 5,000 corrosion professionals from around the world. The accompanying exhibition—the largest of its kind in the world— featured more than 370 companies displaying the latest in corrosion control products and services. Once again Abriox demonstrated the latest in remote monitoring technology [...]

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