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  • Abriox has reluctantly decided along with some other AGA exhibitors to postpone attending the 2021 AGA Operations Conference. Abriox takes its responsibility for the health and safety of colleagues and customers seriously.
  • As much as the team really wanted to attend, as a business with an unrivalled reputation for integrity and corporate social responsibility, given the alarming increase in COVID-19 infection rates in the USA, we decided to postpone. Abriox will instead attend the AGA Operations Conference 2023 in Grapevine, Texas.  Abriox will review attendance at large events on a case-by-case basis, based on the latest official advice.
  • Being an award-winning high tech company, our team can organize virtual demonstrations of the Abriox products and software you're interested in finding out more about. In many cases, online demonstrations will give you faster, more thorough understanding of how we can help your business. Alternatively we can arrange to come to you, subject to any guidance and regulations on travel and social distancing.
  • One-to-one in a safe environment or sharing an online coffee - let us know which Abriox products and services your business is interested in:
        • OSPREY - our remote gas pressure monitor range completely eliminates manual collection and cleansing of pressure data
        • PressureTrac® - accessible from any internet device, our intuitive, easy-to-use gas pressure monitoring software integrates into many customer business systems such as SynerGEE® Gas, DPRS and DNCS.

    Email  usinfo@abriox.com or call us on (513) 474 0565 today!



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