The Abriox OSPREY PL4 is a battery-powered remote monitoring unit (RMU) that can be installed in pressure regulating stations, district governors, city gates, posts and meter boxes to monitor gas pressures in pipeline networks up to 1450psi/100 bar.

Did you know?

  1. IEM™ - exclusive to Abriox - alerts operators to potential pipeline emergencies, including poor pressure, blockages, ingress or non-routine operations.
  2. The OSPREY PL4 installs itself. Simply swipe with a magnet and within 20 minutes, it will start transmitting pipeline pressure data. No laptops, cell/mobile phones or app downloads required.
  3. If you need pipeline gas pressure data quickly, the OPSREY PL4 can send critical information straight to your cell/mobile phone.
  4. The OSPREY MCA adds 2 additional pressure channels to your PL4, with 5 combinations of 1.45psi, 43.5psi and 145psi (USA) or 100mbar, 3bar and 10bar.
  5. Used with the MCA, a single OSPREY PL4 unit can be used to measure multiple pressure points in one location.
  6. The OSPREY PL4 and the MCA are both intrinsically safe, and are both ATEX certified.