The MERLIN Interrupter TX is a precise solid state current interrupter for rectifiers or solar stations connected to a buried pipeline. Used in conjunction with specific MERLIN Transformer Rectifier Monitors, it enables interruption (switching of the current output) at a rectifier or solar station to be controlled remotely.

The Interrupter fails safe and switches the rectifier output loads encountered under the temperature, environmental and electrical conditions experienced in a rectifier cabinet. The solid state circuitry overcomes the limitations of electromechanical relays.

Compatible with industry standard interruption patterns, the MERLIN Interrupter may be switched on and off, or the cycle changed, from Abriox’s CPSM or iCPSM software. Interruption and cycle time management can also be controlled from a cell/mobile phone when in the field.

A relay is required for a rectifier monitor where any of the following apply:

  • An instant OFF potential reading at the drain point is required
  • To turn off the output of the rectifier temporarily – for example, for local maintenance work
  • Remote synchronised interruption is being implemented

Any suitably rated 12V relay may be used for the first two applications. For synchronised interruption electromechanical relays should not be used because outputting interrupter patterns is likely to exceed the relay contact life after only a few weeks of continuous use.

MERLIN Current Interrupters

MERLIN Interrupter TX - International Use

  • Supports All Interruption Cycles

  • Designed for Extended Use

  • Electromechanical Fail Safe

  • Outputs Pipeline Locate Signal (when used with MERLIN Excel Monitors)

  • Precision Solid State Switching

  • Wide Operational Temperatures

  • Safe Use Worldwide - Unlike Mercury Relays

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