Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment (QHSE) is at the heart of Abriox’s business practices. It is among our top corporate priorities and we expect the same approach and same high standards from all our employees.

Our QHSE Management System is subject to rigorous reviews to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness to meet legislative, customer requirements and corporate QHSE objectives.


Our Quality Management System is accredited to ISO9001:2015. In addition, the Quality System is registered to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU (Annex IV and VII), including the particular requirements of IEC 80079-34:2011 enabling us to produce equipment in accordance with the Ex certificate.

We are committed to continuously improving our products and processes through the establishment and monitoring of relevant quality information in line with the requirements of this standard.

We define our Quality Policy as the ability of Abriox to consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our customers in a manner consistent with our core values – on time, every time and at the lowest possible cost.

We are committed to working in partnership with customers and suppliers to provide products that meet internal and external requirements, improve customer satisfaction and add value and growth both to ourselves and our customer base.

Through periodic reviews we act on objective quality data to continuously improve the Quality System and thus our business.

Abriox Management is responsible for providing leadership to ensure that our Quality Policy and its underlying objectives are understood and implemented throughout the organization.

Health & Safety

We recognise that protection of the health and safety of our employees, and of all those with whom we do business, are crucial to our success. We publish and implement our Health & Safety Policy and update it regularly to best-practice standard.

Our monitoring instrumentation enhances the environment by optimising the energy used in protecting pipelines and reducing the risk of hydrocarbons escaping from pipelines. By automating manual measurements, it eliminates many thousands of vehicle miles, with their associated carbon emissions.


Abriox is committed to achieving continual improvement in its environmental performance and to supporting sustainable development. Our policy is to conduct our business in such a way as to lessen or eliminate any adverse effect on the environment.

In accordance with UK legislation, Abriox is registered with an approved Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliance scheme. We operate an End User disposal policy which requires the End User to ensure environmentally sound disposal of our equipment when discarded in the UK. However, Abriox operates a take-back service and will dispose of the equipment on behalf of End Users in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Our Producer Compliance Registration No. is WEE/JG0293UR.