Abriox Cathodic Protection Monitoring Software is easy to use offering a graphical user interface and is the complete package for CP data, monitor configuration and reporting.  Data from both MERLIN/SUNBIRD Monitors is automatically stored and transmitted in a management report to the system HQ where it is displayed and archived online via iCPSM (internet based Cathodic Protection Monitoring Software).

iCPSM enables clients to view CP data from MERLIN/SUNBIRD monitors via a web browser. Clients selecting this method access their CP data via Abriox’s iCPSM website. Data is held in a client-specific, secure database, where it can be viewed from any web browsing device.

Abriox Cathodic Protection Monitoring Software

iCPSM (Internet Cathodic Protection System Manager)

  • HTTPS (SSL) Secured Connection

  • Secure Enterprise SQL Database

  • Access Data From Any Internet Device

  • Export to 3rd Party Software

  • Multiple Users

  • Multiple Licence Types

  • Software Always Up To Date

  • User Management

  • Integrated Google Maps

  • Automatic Data Backups

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Note: Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Abriox Cathodic Protection Monitoring Software Features and Benefits

With a host of features built in from the start and new features being added, CPSM / iCPSM is setting the standards for Cathodic Protection Monitoring Software:

  • Remote access to rectifier and CP data

  • Standard software interface for all types of monitors

  • Graphical and numerical data display

  • Overview shows status of all monitors on pipeline

  • Remote synchronised interruption for all rectifiers on a pipeline - with a few clicks of the mouse

  • Notes facility for locations and individual reports

  • Installation wizards for easing rapid deployment of monitors

  • Access control managed licences

  • On-demand data from rectifiers

  • Configurable data export and interface options

  • Alarm folders for quick identification of CP incidents - with user alerts to specified email addresses or mobile phones

  • Access to rectifier and CP data anytime/anywhere

  • Secure database running on dedicated servers

  • 99.99% server uptime

  • Scheduled interruption

Third Party Access

Abriox have also created Viewer functions. This allows third parties to view data but without access to remote configuration of the monitors in the field.

The great advantage of iCPSM is that multiple users can access CP data via the internet with no requirement for special software or set-up.

Data is held in a client-specific secure database hosted by Abriox, where it can be viewed and exported at any time from an internet-enabled PC. This is essential where CP engineers are located in different offices – or even in different countries!

Licence Types and User Roles

Depending on the type of system you have, there are varying types of Licence available, each with different levels of authority.

iCPSM Licence Types

  • Controller+ Licence
    Allows user management and full control over the iCPSM system functionality, including RMU configuration

  • Controller Licence
    Full control over the iCPSM4 system, including MERLIN and SUNBIRD RMU configuration

  • Technician Licence
    Operational control but without the ability to change the system or RMU configuration. A Technician has full viewing functionality and can also perform operations such as pipeline interruption, take on-demand readings and exporting data

  • Viewer Licence
    Viewer License - Read-only access to the iCPSM4 system but no configuration or control of the units


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