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We aim to deliver customer satisfaction by developing and maintaining mutually profitable and lasting relationships with customers, offering value in terms of price, safety and quality and responding to customers' needs through continuous innovation.

Our Clients Include

We work with some of the world’s biggest companies involved in the exploration, production and transportation of gas and liquid hydrocarbons and of petrochemicals.


We are award winners and market leaders but don't just take our word for it:

"Wales & West Utilities has, after a lengthy evaluation process, chosen Abriox's MERLIN CP monitors to be installed in the Transformer Rectifiers of the company's High Pressure Gas Pipelines & Pressure Reduction Installations. This further initiative now gives WWU the ability to remotely monitor the Cathodic Protection System on its Pipelines & Installations, increasing the company's already proactive approach to corrosion prevention within its Network, with the benefit of reducing operational expenditure"

"I do not need to go to the pipeline, it just comes to me!"

"The support that Abriox provides is what you expect from a successful company. I believe with the use of Abriox units, short term spends turn into long term savings. The essential practical fact is: I do not need to go to the pipeline, it just comes to me!"

Ammar Allaw - INEOS Manufacturing Scotland Limited

"Abriox were the first company to actually ask us what we would require from a remote monitoring system. They came up with an excellent selection of monitors which can be adapted for a variety of scheme types throughout the network. Having successfully trialed the system, we are delighted to be implementing MERLIN initially to cover our ‘functional’ monitoring inspections"
Kevin Young, United Utilities
"Pipeguard have installed and commissioned hundreds of MERLIN units, which we have specified on all our projects since 2007. Abriox systems are easily understood by CP engineers and collect the required data in a format that is easy to manage. Abriox’s Technical Support team responds to any requests for information or site support in a professional and timely manner"
Mick Ogden, Pipeguard Limited
"Abriox did their market research to find out what the corrosion industry required. There have been alternative systems – but, none have given the confidence of a reliable, easy-to-use system that covers all possible events as the MERLIN system does - with good technical back-up from Abriox. The system has good flexibility for a competitive CAPEX cost and I would have no hesitation in recommending it."
George McNabb, BPA
"It used to take days for a survey company to interrupt a pipeline system before running a Close Interval Survey. Now with Abriox MERLIN TR Monitors I can interrupt a 300-mile pipeline system with a single text message or a few clicks of a mouse. Dependable, honest, and friendly customer service with willing, problem-solving staff."
Seth Bayham, Denbury Onshore LLC

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