The following Abriox white papers, publications and case studies detail how both our MERLIN and OSPREY® systems are being deployed and used by our customers across the globe.

Keeping up the Pressure

SGN is the first gas distribution network to introduce the new OSPREY pressure validator into its routine operations. This follows SGN’s successful pilot trials reported below (SGN OSPREY Trial Report).

In this article, Alex Webb and Kevin Wallis of SGN describe SGN’s deployment of OSPREY, explaining how it is being used to respond more effectively to poor pressure investigations and for SGN’s annual validation exercise. The article describes the thinking behind OSPREY’s development, some of the key technical innovations that make it so effective, the positive outputs from the field trials and the likely future benefits as SGN rolls out the product.

WWU Sleeve Monitoring

Wales and West Utilities (WWU) safeguards the transportation of gas throughout their distribution network of 35,000km in Wales and the South West of England.

This article details a project to permanently seal a challenging and aged nitrogen sleeve in Devon.

Post repair, WWU deployed a MERLIN Nitrogen Sleeve Monitor to remotely monitor sleeve pressure and eliminate the need for site visits. The MERLIN enables the user to check the pressure remains compliant and thus ensure pipeline integrity is not compromised.

Remote CP Monitoring of 2,500 Miles of Liquid Petroleum Products Pipeline

Colonial Pipeline Co. operates one of the world’s largest liquid petroleum pipeline systems. Products are delivered primarily from refineries in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Comprising over 2,500 miles of right of way, with over 2,000 miles of stub lines delivering gasoline, home heating oil, diesel fuel, commercial jet fuel, and defence fuels for the U.S. military.

Colonial has been able to improve its corrosion program and to realize cost savings in several areas, working closely with Abriox to maximize hardware and software performance. In this article Michael Pearce (Corrosion Program Manager) describes how the MERLIN system has enabled Colonial to monitor 2,500 miles of its system.

Remote Cathodic Protection Monitoring on SGN’s High Pressure Pipeline Network

In this article Stuart Bishop, Team Leader at SGN and IGEM Young Persons Paper Competition 2014 finalist, describes the introduction of remote CP monitoring in Scotland Gas Networks.

SGN’s selection criteria for the system are explained, explaining how the MERLIN system met each of these. The installation process and operational and financial benefits of the system are outlined, concluding that MERLIN is improving SGN’s corrosion management programme.

Discovering Remote Monitoring for Nitrogen Sleeves

Many older pipelines on the UK gas network have sleeves, mainly at sensitive locations where additional protection is required. Some sleeves contain pressurised nitrogen to provide protection against corrosion but these also necessitate manual checks and refills at high cost.

Northern Gas Networks (NGN) is the first gas utility to install MERLIN Nitrogen Sleeve Monitors on all its nitrogen sleeves, resulting in greater efficiency, safety gains and improved compliance.

Kevin Young, NGN’s Integrity Manager, describes how the technology has worked for them.

Remote CP Monitoring Assists Gas Distribution Company (Wales & West Utilities)

Wales & West Utility's decision to implement remote monitoring of its impressed current cathodic protection systems has been fully justified.

Through careful system selection and implementation, the project has met all its key objectives, including a significant financial saving.

The operational benefits targeted have been realized and - in many cases - exceeded, and the system has delivered a number of additional benefits that were not originally foreseen.

In this article, Richard Williams (WWU's First Line Manager) explains why they chose the MERLIN system.

Remote Cathodic Protection Monitoring: preventing Pipeline Corrosion, improving Resource Management

Cathodic protection is an essential component of corrosion prevention on metal pipelines and is widely used in the gas, petrochemical, and water industries.

To comply with regulatory standards and best practice, regular measurements of CP levels are required. Conventionally these been taken manually, requiring significant human resources and considerable cost to pipeline operators.

In this article, Neil Summers of Abriox Ltd describes the importance of CP measurements and how remote monitoring is enabling pipeline operators to achieve compliance more efficiently.

Remote Monitoring of Pipeline Cathodic Protection Systems

We have worked with gas, petrochemical and water companies in the UK and US to address CP Monitoring requirements.

The system, now known as MERLIN, was designed flexibly so that operators could select the monitoring options they required to demonstrate compliance at the T/R and test point. The monitors are very compact and can be configured on-site using a standard cell/mobile phone.

In this article, Neil Summers of Abriox Ltd discusses the challenges and advantages of remotely monitoring cathodic protection.

Nustar Energy L.P. Case Study

NuStar Energy L.P. is one of the largest asphalt refiners and marketers, and the second largest independent liquids terminal operator, in the United States. It has 8,417 miles of pipeline, 88 storage facilities and two asphalt refineries and operates in three segments: Pipeline Operations, Terminaling Operations, and Product Sales Operations.

NuStar Energy's pipeline operations consist primarily of the transportation of refined petroleum products and crude oil covering approximately 5,679 miles across the states.

In this article, Tom Bruckerhoff tells us of his experience and what he particularly likes about his MERLIN system.

Installation and Benefits of a Remote Cathodic Protection Monitoring System for Gas Pipelines

Kevin Young (Network Officer, United Utilities) and Neil Summers discuss the implementation and benefits of a remote CP monitoring system on a gas distribution network.

The article describes United Utilities’ methodology for pipeline integrity management and the development by Abriox of a system to monitor CP remotely. Of particular interest is the cost-benefit of remote monitoring compared to manual measurements.

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