OSPREY PL and PL Plus have arrived!

The next generation of Gas Pressure Monitoring is here!

Abriox’s OSPREY® system reduces costs for gas utilities and improves the quality and reliability of the gas pressure data. In turn the improved network model will enable better decisions to be taken to optimise the gas network, reducing the volume of gas into supply required to deliver minimum service levels and thereby also reducing gas leakage emissions.

With an established install base, OSPREY has proven to offer economic and operational advantages, safety and environmental benefits to offer our customers major cost savings across the network.

Time savings
o Install time reduced by more than 50%

Improved data quality
o Timestamp and verified accurate location through GPS
o Overall sensor accuracy of +/-0.15%
o 24/7 Monitoring

Fast Alert Generation
o Automatic and on-demand transmission of data via 3G communications to a Pressure Management website

Low cost of ownership
o Elimination of data loss through product failure
o Easily maintained product

Multiple network applications

Increasing gas network efficiency
o Time saved in checking data is accurate
o Real-time and historical analysis of data to support emergency response and ongoing investigation

Interface with your current business systems / network management software
o Pressure Management software designed for easy integration into your pipeline management system

Reputational benefit to Network from faster resolutions leading to increased customer satisfaction

Contact richard.williams@abriox.com for more information and to organise a trial to see the benefits!