Richmond, TEXAS - Abriox Inc, the multi award-winning high-tech specialist in remote monitoring, is pleased to announce that USync!™, its unique, market-leading universal synchronization feature that is now built-in to enable all of its latest generation SUNBIRD Remote Monitoring Units.

Abriox CEO Sean Daniels said the USync!™ functionality is exclusive to Abriox.

“Market-leading technology and an innovative new design, including built-in GPS, means all of the latest generation Abriox SUNBIRD devices along any given length of pipeline are able to work together, or synchronize, down to 10 milliseconds,” Sean explained.

"Universal synchronization of readings between Test Stations and Rectifier Monitors ensures that you are getting an accurate OFF potential reading directly from the pipeline, without the need for a coupon. The OFF potential is taken at the Test Station and the Rectifier Monitor simultaneously. USync!™ is an automatic process with no manual set-up or operator time required. Every reading is in sync, every time.

"USync!™ provides hourly data of accurate OFF potentials to back up and validate your annual surveys, to help with your important legal compliance requirements for preventative pipeline maintenance.

"It is particularly useful for obtaining highly accurate off potential readings without any timing delays or errors. Additionally, USync!™ is an automatic process with no manual set-up or operator time required.

"The data from the Test Post Monitors and Transformer Rectifier Monitors is displayed on Abriox’s web-based cathodic protection management system iCPSM4, which is accessible from any cellular device with an internet connection.

"There is no extra cost for USync!™ functionality - it is best-in-class technology Abriox builds in to ALL our new SUNBIRD devices," Sean said.