Abriox announces the launch of the OSPREY Pressure Validator following receipt of its ATEX certification, which means it is certified for use on natural gas networks.

This new product, Abriox’s first in the field of pressure management, has been designed in response to customers’ need for new technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of pressure validation. Validation is an annual exercise, aimed at ensuring that computer models of the gas distribution network reflect true gas pressures. The models are used for network planning and ensuring resilience to extreme cold weather periods, so it is important that they are as accurate as possible.

OSPREY is an intrinsically safe, battery-powered remote monitoring unit that can be installed in bollards, posts and meter boxes to monitor gas pressure up to 100mbar. It incorporates many significant technical advantages including GPS positioning and timing, automatic installation, 10 year data storage, true auto-roaming of GSM network and a 5-10 year battery life.

Trials of OSPREY in the UK are under way with pipeline operators.