AC interference threatens pipeline integrity - MERLIN called in to assist.
In recent years it has become apparent that AC interference is a major threat to buried metal pipelines, with the potential to accelerate corrosion where localised coating defects occur.

A key design feature of the MERLIN Test Post Monitor is its ability to measure and monitor significant (up to 70V RMS) levels of AC on the pipeline while losing none of its accuracy in measuring sub-volt DC levels. Abriox has completed a CP monitoring study on a pipeline with known high and fluctuating levels of AC.

The study, carried out in conjunction with a major UK gas company, tracked levels between 9-12VAC on the pipeline and, from the cyclical profile of the measurements, successfully identified the source of the interference. This enabled the operator to take measures to mitigate the effect of AC on the pipeline.

Abriox’s CP System Manager software automatically calculates current density (in A/m2), enabling users to quickly identify pipelines at risk from aggressive AC corrosion.