Colonial operates the world’s largest-volume refined liquid petroleum products pipeline, extending more than 5,500 miles in 3,500 miles of right of way and with over 2,000 miles of stub lines. It accounts for roughly 20% of all liquid fuels utilized in the U.S., delivered primarily from refineries in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to 262 marketing terminals at 78 locations.

After extensive evaluation of different products on the market, Colonial’s Southeast District chose Abriox’s MERLIN system for their remote monitoring program. Since then they have realized some significant benefits:

• Minimal driving exposure for RoW Inspectors

• Freed up their time to perform other duties

• Improved the accuracy of CP data

• Provided critical alarms so that rectifiers can be repaired more quickly

• Saved money overall

Mike Pearce (Corrosion Program Manager) has authored a paper published in January’s NACE Materials Performance magazine describing how the benefits were achieved.

The article can be downloaded from our White Paper page.