Abriox exhibited at the 2012 NACE exhibition and conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tom McGee (US VP Sales), Dean Lioliou (US Southern Regional Sales Technician) and Ab Thabeth (UK Technical Sales Engineer) would like to thank everyone who took the time to come and talk with us. As always your industry knowledge and input is greatly welcomed; we hope we were accommodating and were able to answer all of your queries satisfactorily.

According to NACE around 5000 people attended this year's exhibition with over 350 exhibitors. Visitors with a diverse range of CP backgrounds came to speak with us from around the world; they were very positive about the Abriox remote monitoring systems and were able to identify areas of beneficial integration with existing methods of monitoring and recording.

We spoke to exciting new prospects. The benefits of remote monitoring were discussed and how Abriox are able to help in different regions of the world, from Australia to the Caribbean.

We were excited to hear all of the positive feedback received from our existing customers. Abriox have always said it is because of our customers and the wealth of knowledge they posses collectively that we are able to continue as market leaders and constantly evolve to provide solutions in the dynamic, changing world of Cathodic Protection.

Please look out for Dean Lioliou as he will also be attending the 2012 Latin Corr conference and exhibition in Lima, Peru in July. He is looking forward to sharing ideas and will be on hand to help answer any questions related to the Abriox product line and the benefits of using the Abriox remote monitoring systems.