Our customers have given many suggestions on how to improve our iCPSM / CPSM software over the years. In the past year alone we have added some significant new features to our CP database software packages - integrated Google Maps, Scheduled Interruption, support for monitoring Native Coupons at Test Posts. Now we have implemented a Battery Level indicator for our customers’ installed MERLIN units!

Customers can now see the level (%) of battery life left in their MERLIN units, which has been calculated according to past usage patterns. This enables easy identification of units (normally CP Test post monitors) which are nearing the end of their battery lifetime due to having been installed in a low GSM signal environment for a prolonged period, or units which have been operated in an intensive messaging mode (or both).

This information is critical for Planned Preventative Maintenance and will help ensure uninterrupted service from the MERLIN system. With this vital information, our customers can plan battery replacement proactively, rather than reacting to battery maintenance issues after they have occurred.

Abriox Technical Support will provide advice and training to our customers to ensure that this new feature is used to its full potential. Abriox supplies replacement battery kits for MERLIN units so that they can be fitted to units in the field or at the customer’s workshop – or we can calibrate and fit new batteries if the MERLIN is returned to us.