Abriox is pleased to announce the launch of the next generation of Merlin, the 3G-enabled Merlin DX. All Merlin models in our CP monitoring range are now available as Merlin DX versions, which are compatible with 2G, 3G and, in future, 4G networks.

Merlin DX has been developed for markets where there is a clear path to the end of 2G usage, typically over a number of years. This is particularly relevant to two of Abriox’s main markets:

  • In the US, AT&T has refocused its attention to 3G in order to keep up with the exploding demand for mobile broadband data. AT&T has announced it is planning to switch off its 2G network by 2017. T-Mobile, however, will continue to support 2G until 2020.
  • In Australia, Telstra has also put a plan in place to shut down its 2G service by the end of 2016, with less than 1% of network traffic being 2G, and repurpose the spectrum for 4G once existing 2G customers have been migrated.

Abriox continues to invest in developing our products, ensuring we stay at the forefront of telecommunications technology. Not only does MERLIN DX have immediate 3G capability for the networks being put in place now - but it is backward-compatible with existing 2G networks and forward-compatible with future 4G networks (which will offer 3.5G or 3G support). This ensures that our customers can install MERLIN DX now and benefit from continued pipeline integrity monitoring for years to come!

In the UK, Europe and many other world markets there's been no indication from network operators that they aim to dispense of legacy services. In fact there is no immediate threat to 2G networks due to the very large installed base of M2M monitoring technology and the high revenues generated from 2G, which is also relatively low-power and provides solid low frequency coverage in rural areas. Nonetheless there has been some early discussion regarding the increasing demand for superfast 4G connections, which means operators may look to redistribute the 2G spectrum once these have been rolled out widely. Merlin DX offers a future-proofed solution in this eventuality - so Abriox customers can sleep securely in the knowledge that with the Merlin DX, your assets are still protected should the 2G lights go out!