Abriox is always looking for ways to help corrosion professionals with their CP needs. The NACE CORROSION conference allows us to network with professionals on an expansive platform – creating an environment that is mutually beneficial.

The face-to-face time that we get with our current customers is critical. The valuable feedback that we get from our customers allows us to better understand customer needs and to better maintain profitable and lasting relationships.

The NACE CORROSION Conference is a fun and exciting time for corrosion professionals, and with over 6000 attendees, Abriox was pleased to be a part of this fantastic event and is excited about the upcoming opportunities that it has provided. Together we can continuously strive for innovation in corrosion management.

NACE gives Abriox the opportunity to showcase new product features and this year was no exception – We introduced our Pipeline Location feature which allows the user to set up the Abriox Interrupter to transmit a high frequency along the pipeline that is detectable by most modern pipeline locators.