Abriox launches the new MERLIN-XT Transformer Rectifier Monitor with satellite communication. Despite the great success of our MERLIN TR Monitor, there remain parts of the world where the GSM (cellphone) system is not yet established – or where the terrain is simply too remote. For such locations our customers have been requesting an alternative method of communication - and the new MERLIN-XT meets this need.

Using a high performance, high integrity satellite system, MERLIN-XT offers truly global coverage and overcomes the limitations of other satellite-based systems, such as antenna alignment sensitivity and high power consumption. In particular, it has low latency (waiting time between messages set/received), often over 100 times faster than other systems, which significantly speeds up installation time.

MERLIN-XT and MERLIN-TR (GSM) monitors integrate seamlessly into Abriox’s new CPSM3 software, enabling customers to select the communication method appropriate to the monitoring location while software commands and displays are identical for both types of monitor.