Following successful trials held with UK gas utilities since the start of 2011, Abriox has released the new MERLIN Nitrogen Sleeve Monitor, suitable for installation in a plastic post or kiosk.

The MERLIN measures the pressure of the gas in the sleeve, checks that it is within specification and reports immediately if an alarm threshold is exceeded.

Like MERLIN CP monitors, the Nitrogen Sleeve Monitor is installed in the same way, simply requiring a mobile phone. Once installed, pressure data is reported automatically and viewed, alongside data from cathodic protection monitors, in Abriox’s iCPSM software.

Pipeline operators can check that the sleeve is maintaining the required pressure without undertaking a site visit. Even if the gas is leaking, the operator can monitor the pressure drop and schedule maintenance accordingly. In this way unnecessary site visits can be avoided.

For installation in a M28 post or alternative sleeve fill point, the MERLIN Communications Module with Nitrogen Sleeve Adaptor is more compact and has an identical measurement specification.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us.