Many older pipelines are encapsulated by sleeves filled with nitrogen - an inert gas that offers protection against corrosion. However, it is important that the nitrogen does not leak out and so the sleeves must be regularly checked to ensure that they are maintaining the correct pressure.

Abriox has developed an interface for the MERLIN system that enables the pressure of the nitrogen gas in the pipe sleeve to be monitored remotely. This will mean that operators can remotely check that their nitrogen sleeves are maintaining the required pressure. Refilling the sleeves is highly labour-intensive so, if the gas is leaking, they can monitor the pressure drop and schedule maintenance accordingly.

Pressure data from the Nitrogen Sleeve Monitor is reported into Abriox’s CPSM or iCPSM software alongside data from cathodic protection monitors.

Prototypes of the new monitor have been installed with several pipeline companies for evaluation.