Richmond, Texas – Abriox Inc, the high-tech specialist in remote monitoring devices and management systems for utility pipelines, is delighted to announce that its SUNBIRD SP compact cathodic protection test post monitor has been nominated for, and is a finalist in, AMPP's MP Corrosion Innovation Awards 2023.

The SUNBIRD SP, which officially launched to market in 2022, is a solar-powered RMU designed to slot onto the top of a riser post. It utilizes NB-IoT communications technology and it has a built-in GPS.

The SUNBIRD SP was called a cathodic protection "game-changer" by customers who participated in field trials, and it has featured on the cover of Materials Performance magazine.

The SUNBIRD SP was the brainchild of Abriox Managing Director Jason Hanlon and Abriox Engineering Manager Jonathan Phillips, though both say that the whole of the company's engineering team, sales team and customers played an integral part in its development.

Abriox CEO Sean Daniels said: "Everyone in #teamabriox is obviously thrilled that the SUNBIRD SP has been nominated for the incredibly prestigious biennial MP Corrosion Innovation Awards in the Cathodic Protection category.

"SUNBIRD SP is a ground-breaking product that is not only more environmentally friendly that other devices that offer similar functionality, due to its solar panel, but it is faster, more reliable and has greater geographical coverage than any competing device.

"It utilizes NB-IoT for data delivery to 2030 and beyond, has 'plug and play' installation - no laptops or cell phones are required to set it up, has built-in GPS for unit location using Google Maps, on-demand data, all measurements are taken and sent automatically and it is weatherproof with robust lightning protection.

"Every SUNBIRD SP has Abriox USync!™ built-in as standard to allow for the remote, universal synchronization of all SUNBIRD devices on any given stretch of pipeline in 10 milliseconds.

"We will find out in March at AMPP's CORROSION 2023 event in Denver, Colorado in March if we have won an award, so please keep your fingers' crossed for us!" Sean added.