19 July, 2022 - Award-winning high-tech specialist Abriox Inc is pleased to announce that it has achieved PTCRB certification for its new SUNBIRD SP compact cathodic protection remote monitoring unit.

The SUNBIRD SP Test Post Monitor is a revolutionary solar-powered compact RMU designed to slot into the top of a riser post. It utilizes NB-IoT LPWA communications technology and it has a built-in GPS.

The SUNBIRD SP, which featured in Materials Performance magazine, has been heralded by the CP industry as being a “game-changer” in the development of best-in-class remote CP monitors for pipelines.

“PTCRB certification is the gold standard in ensuring wireless cellular devices are compliant with global industry standards,” explained Abriox Engineering Manager Jonathan Phillips.

“It gives end uses and other network uses the complete confidence of device interoperability and safe functionality on communications networks. The engineering team at Abriox is delighted to have now completed the rigorous independent testing process to obtain PTCRB certification for the SUNBIRD SP.

“It joins other cutting-edge Abriox devices in being PTCRB certified and we have other new products currently going through the PTCRB certification process,” he added.

Abriox’s core expertise is the development of remote monitoring systems for oil, gas and petrochemical companies. Abriox helps its customers improve the efficiency of their fuel distribution networks by providing demonstrable asset management, safety, economic, environmental and compliance benefits. Its North American corporate office is in Richmond, USA, and has European and international headquarters in the UK.