Abriox marks a decade of lightning protection innovation: MERLIN CP Monitor tested to 38,000 volts - and keeps working perfectly

NEWPORT, United Kingdom 28 April 2021 – Abriox Inc, the multi award-winning high-tech specialist in remote monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, is proud to announce its MERLIN6 range of cathodic protection monitors have been tested to withstand a 38,000 volt surge - and still keep functioning correctly.

"Abriox has been leading innovation in lightning protection for remote monitors for over a decade,” said Abriox CEO Sean Daniels.

“We wanted to be able to give our customers the assurance that our RMUs have been tested to the most potentially catastrophic of power surges after simulated lightning strikes on pipe lines. The units remained viable, reliable and, critically, the data they are collecting and transmitting remains 100% accurate,” Sean added.

“What’s quite unique about Abriox’s lightning surge protection is that is it 100% integral to our RMUs and every component has been developed and tested, then redeveloped if necessary to withstand surges caused by pulses of varying shapes and durations.

“The independent tests have shown Abriox devices consistently exceed their target energy level protection rating corresponding to a 12 kA transient waveform,” Sean said.

While is it simply isn’t possible to provide protection against all lightning strikes, Abriox offers a lightning protection warranty on its US products. Abriox is the market leader in CP monitoring. Its core expertise is the development of remote monitoring systems for oil, gas and petrochemical companies. Abriox helps its customers improve the efficiency of their fuel distribution networks by providing demonstrable asset management, safety, economic, environmental and compliance benefits.

Abriox had its CP monitors independently tested by UK-based Cobham Technical Services, a global specialist in scientific lightning testing.