We’ve compiled the most popular questions we’re being asked about our new upgrade service to support our customers in the USA as they adapt to the upcoming 3G sunset. If you need any more information, please contact us at usinfo@abriox.com or call us on +1 513 474 0565   

Why do I need to replace my Abriox remote monitoring units? They are extremely reliable and working well – I thought I’d have a few more years out of them!

On 22 February, 2022, cellular networks across the USA will commence the ‘sunsetting’ of their 3G cellular communications network. This means that any RMUs which rely solely on 3G to transmit data will stop working. This is something companies like Abriox have no control over and we understand it may be very frustrating for our customers with functioning RMUs which will become obsolete.

We’re offering an upgrade service to futureproof our MERLIN6 units so they will continue to work with 4G and 5G communications platforms as they are introduced.

My company is concerned about the cost, time and hassle involved in having to replace our remote monitoring units every time cellular networks change – how can Abriox help?

Abriox now guarantees that any MERLIN6 RMUs purchased from us can be upgraded by us to work with future cellular communications networks. It’s that simple.

How does the upgrade process work?

All you need to do is unplug your RMUs and send them back to us. Abriox aims for a five-day service turnaround to upgrade the units after we receive them. We will then send them back to you and you can use them immediately.

What’s the catch? Are upgrades expensive?

We do charge for labor and new parts, but the upgrade option is extremely cost-effective.

Is it more beneficial for us to buy new units instead of upgrading? How do we decide what’s best for our business?

Abriox offers an industry-leading, five-year warranty on all our new CP RMUs products as standard in the US. All upgraded units come with a one-year warranty.