CP issues, best practice, new technology and crocodiles. Organised and hosted by Abriox, the event was held at Brandon Hall Conference Centre and attended by more than 60 CP professionals and engineers from all backgrounds.

Open to all gas and petrochemical companies and attended by Design Engineers, Network/Pipeline Engineers and CP/Pressure specialists - there were expert presentations on industry best practices and operations and a number of CP equipment manufacturers also displayed their latest products. The conference also gave Abriox the opportunity to the launch the new Osprey Pressure Validation Monitor.

Guest speakers included key staff and engineers from Northern Gas Networks, BPA, Sunoco Oil and National Grid with the keynote address presented by Martin Alderson (Director of Asset Risk Management, Northern Gas Networks).

Feedback for the event was again, very positive and we look forward to the next conference. If you would like to be involved and make a presentation or suggest a topic for discussion, please contact us with your ideas.