Abriox Limited has won a SMARTCymru award from the Welsh Development Agency.

The Technical Feasibility grant recognises Abriox´s innovative proposals for the development of new gas and fuel pipeline monitoring systems and will support an assessment of the technological and commercial viability of transforming Abriox´s ideas into new products.

The development project aims to produce a new range of pipeline integrity monitoring instruments that will significantly benefit gas (and other fuel) pipeline operators by:

• Increasing public safety by identifying and positioning pipeline failures

• Reducing environmental damage from corrosion that leads to leakage

• Lower wastage and therefore lower cost to the consumer

• Detecting leaks earlier, allowing more cost effective repairs and less supply disruption

The WDA´s SMARTCymru scheme for Research and Development is aimed at SMEs in Wales. Grant funding is offered, at the discretion of WDA, to help businesses carry out research and development work that will lead to technologically innovative products or processes.

Abriox is a start-up company, founded in 2005 around an existing management team experienced in technology, manufacturing and management. Its core expertise is the monitoring of gas and fuel pipelines. It also seeks opportunities for contract product development and joint ventures.