Following submission of our Technical/Commercial Feasibility Study in January 2006, Abriox is delighted to announce a further SMARTCymru award from the Welsh Assembly Government.

The Industrial Research award recognises Abriox´s innovative proposals for the development of a new remote monitoring system for gas and fuel pipelines.

The system will enable pipeline operators to:

• Prolong the operating lifetime of transmission pipelines by monitoring more effectively their resistance to external corrosion

• Improve safety through regular automatic indication of protection levels, with an alarm if these fall below acceptable limits

• Reduce the labour cost of monitoring the pipelines – and spend more time interpreting the corrosion data from them

• Comply more easily and effectively with regulatory requirements and demonstrate “smart” asset management

• Reduce the risk to staff from roadside work and the emissions from survey vehicles.

The SMARTCymru programme is aimed at SMEs in Wales and supports the research, development and exploitation of technologically innovative products and processes.