Colonial Pipeline Co. has selected the Abriox MERLIN system to monitor pipelines in Georgia and North & South Carolina.

Colonial’s total pipeline network extends over 5,500 miles. It transports an average of 100 million gallons of petroleum products each day from refineries in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to 267 marketing terminals serving communities across the South and Eastern United States.

Colonial has selected Abriox’s technology to monitor and switch the output of its cathodic protection rectifiers. Many of the pipelines are located in areas that are prone to lightning strikes, so environmental robustness and resilience to power surges were key characteristics when selecting a system. A further important parameter was the ease of installation of the MERLIN monitor, with up to 10 units being installed by one technician in a single day!

Colonial has provided useful suggestions for new features (hardware and software), many of which have already been incorporated into the MERLIN system as we continue to enhance the benefits offered to users.