National Grid Gas Plc has awarded Abriox a Framework Agreement for the supply of Cathodic Protection (CP) monitoring equipment for the UK’s National Transmission System (NTS).

The NTS is the high pressure part of National Grid’s Network and consists of over 7,600km of high quality welded carbon steel pipeline operating at pressures of up to 85 bar (85 times normal atmospheric pressure, over 1250 psi). From over 140 off-take points, the NTS supplies gas to 40 power stations, a small number of large industrial consumers and the twelve Local Distribution Zones (LDZs) that contain pipes operating at lower pressure which eventually supply the consumer.

A significant number of the NTS facilities are in remote locations, which can be difficult and time-consuming to reach in order to take CP readings. The installation of remote CP monitoring will replace the requirement for monthly or 3-monthly visits by personnel. This will also contribute to lowering carbon emissions and improve safety by reducing the risk of road accidents from survey vehicles.