Abriox, known for their easy to use, high reliability MERLIN CP RMU’s are announcing the launch of an all new version of their popular Cathodic Protection software, iCPSM4.

With a consistent commitment to listening to what their customers tell them, Abriox have provided a more streamlined version of their software. This release includes a completely updated graphical interface and information retrieval – Data is easier to read and understand at a glance making decision making simpler and more efficient, meaning an easier and vastly more intuitive experience for CP engineers worldwide.

In addition, this release will be fully compatible with Abriox’s range of MERLIN6 products providing the added features of enhanced interruption while retaining well known features including Pipeline Locate.

Our team are proud to release this version of the software – We will continue to listen to what CP Engineer and Technicians require, which in turn drives our goal to bring ease, efficiency and ultimately a hugely positive experience to the customer when using Abriox products.

Jon Phillips, Abriox Engineering Manager

iCPSM4 runs on any web-based device - Controlling the whole system while remote from the office is becoming a very important factor in our increasingly more mobile world.

Our core expertise is the development of remote monitoring systems for utilities – working with some of the world’s biggest oil, gas and petrochemical companies. The new MERLIN6 range of products along with the newly released iCPSM4 will help continue to improve the efficiency of fuel distribution networks by providing demonstrable asset management, safety, economic, environmental and compliance benefits.

We believe we offer the most cost-effective, completely wireless remote monitoring systems for the oil, gas, petrochemical pipeline protection industries.

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