Next Generation Cathodic Protection Monitoring

Abriox are excited to announce the release of the new range of MERLIN6 Cathodic Protection Monitoring products.

We have always took pride in listening to our customers needs and are starting manufacture of the new range of MERLIN6 Remote Monitoring Units (RMUs) with some great new features.

Not only does MERLIN6 have immediate 4G capability for the networks running now - but it is backward-compatible with existing 3G (in the US) and 2G (in the UK) networks. This ensures that our customers can install MERLIN6 now and benefit from continued pipeline integrity monitoring for years to come!

Enhanced Interruption

The new MERLIN6 Transformer Rectifier Monitor now comes with Enhanced Interruption. This allows the user more freedom to decide what interruption cycles are required (up to 240 seconds!) and whether to start in the ON or OFF cycles.

The range of MERLIN6 transformer rectifier monitors can drive Solid State or Mercury Relays (Normally Open or Normally Closed) not to mention the understated MERLIN Interrupter TX. As well as retaining synchronized 1ms precision and stand out reliability, they come with market leading short circuit and surge protection features.

  • Start with the ON or OFF

  • Cycles up to 240 seconds

  • Compatible with SSR’s and Mercury Relays

  • Drives NC or NO relays

  • Synchronized to 1ms precision

  • Short circuit and surge protection

Part of the MERLIN6 range will also include a new dedicated AC Monitor and Bond Monitor. These are integral to the management of Cathodic Protection for any pipeline operations. Fast detection of AC on the pipeline alerting the asset owner immediately if there are issues or monitoring of critical bonds ensuring linked pipelines are protected equally.

AC Monitoring

  • Remote detection of AC on your pipeline

  • Immediate alert if AC is too high

  • Integral part of your AC mitigation program

Bond Monitoring

  • Remote monitoring of critical bonds

  • Ensures bonded pipelines are protected equally

  • Alerts you of unexpected changes

We are always listening to our customers feedback on current products as well as what they would like to see in the future. Understanding what is important to those CP Engineers and Technicians is a key factor in what we manufacture and we are always grateful for their suggestions and opportunity to work with experts in the industry.

Sean Daniels, CEO of Abriox

The new range of MERLIN6 products will continue with our excellent reputation for customer service and reliability that our customers have come to rely on over the last 10 years.

Our core expertise is the development of remote monitoring systems for utilities – working with some of the world’s biggest oil, gas and petrochemical companies. The new MERLIN6 range of products will help continue to improve the efficiency of fuel distribution networks by providing demonstrable asset management, safety, economic, environmental and compliance benefits.

We believe we offer the most cost-effective, completely wireless remote monitoring systems for the oil, gas, petrochemical pipeline protection industries.

Contact us for more information on how Abriox remote monitoring systems can improve your network management.