Abriox has been awarded a contract to remotely monitor the transformer rectifiers of one of the UAE’s major gas pipeline operators.

Dolphin Energy Limited was set up in 1999 to implement the Dolphin Gas Project, which involves production and processing of natural gas from Qatar's offshore North Field and transportation of the processed gas by subsea pipeline to the UAE. Gas is then distributed across the UAE and Oman via Dolphin’s UAE Gas Network - comprising the Taweelah Receiving Facility (TRF), the Eastern Gas Distribution System (EGDS), the Al Ain-Fujairah Pipeline and the Taweelah-Fujairah Pipeline.

As part of a review of its Cathodic Protection activities, Dolphin Energy's UAE Operations selected Abriox’s MERLIN CP monitoring system to provide data from the 20 CP stations, including rectifiers and solar stations, that protect its entire 777km pipeline network. The system will remove the need for monthly functional checks (electrical supply, voltage and current output) as well as providing GPS-synchronised interruption for Close Interval and DCVG surveys.

The operational benefit from MERLIN to Dolphin is to ensure that the CP system is working correctly – thereby maximising the operational lifetime of the assets it protects and reducing downtime from corrosion-related incidents. These assets ensure the distribution of natural gas to customers in a safe and reliable manner.