Scheduled Interruption

//Scheduled Interruption

Scheduled Interruption

In response to requests from customers, Abriox has introduced “Scheduled Interruption” to its iCPSM and CPSM database packages.

This new feature is an enhancement to the existing GPS-synchronized interruption facility within the software that enables customers with MERLIN SUPER or EXCEL models to interrupt the output of their transformer rectifiers ad/or solar stations as part of an above ground survey program.

Previously users could start and stop interruption remotely via the software and had only a limited number of ON/OFF cycle times available.
Now, by means of a configuration wizard, users can schedule interruption of pipelines (pattern) and locations (pattern and constant) including:

  • Determining a daily start and finish time for the interruption
  • Setting the schedule to run across a number of days and, if required, to exclude weekends and / or nights
  • Selecting which units will be interrupted
  • Setting interruption on pipelines that cross time zones
  • Selecting from a very extensive range of cycle times supporting all valid interruption patterns

This feature provides enormous flexibility to customers carrying out ON/OFF, Close Interval or DCVG surveys, minimising the set-up time and also ensuring that the pipeline assets are continuously protected by the CP system whenever the survey is not in progress.

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