Abriox announces the first release of its PressureTrac™ software.

PressureTrac™ is a dedicated web-based pressure management software system for displaying, recording and exporting pressure data from the range of OSPREY® pressure validators. The data is displayed graphically and in tabulated format for quick and easy viewing, along with accurate GPS positioning of all devices in the field.

PressureTrac software also provides configuration of OSPREY monitors, enabling device settings to be altered remotely. These include logging intervals, reporting times and alert thresholds. Alert conditions are automatically reported to users via SMS and/or email.

PressureTrac has full data export capability, allowing the information gathered by the OSPREY monitors to be exported to business systems for integration into existing processes via an industry-standard SQL interface to an Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database system. PressureTrac can be installed on the client’s server or hosted by Abriox, depending on specific requirements.