There are many advantages to using GPS and the OSPREY range of Pressure Monitors utilises them to maximum effect to provide consistently accurate and reliable data.

Accurately Timed Data

Because GPS provides highly accurate timing, each OSPREY unit compares synchronised data across the network to ensure data is taken at precisely the same time. The user can be confident that there is no chance of inadvertently comparing readings which are out of sync. Exact time-stamps can be used to resolve issues in potential gas pressure disputes.

Time Saving

Because you know exactly where and when the data is registered, you can rely on the accuracy of data - there is no need for manual intervention. The user need not ‘cleanse’ the data eliminating human errors. This leads to more accurate modelling, a quicker incident response rate and more reliability during non-routine operations.

In-Built Location

The OSPREY will automatically provide its own accurate GPS coordinates with no manual input required. The OSPREY eliminates mistakes from using external GPS devices. GPS coordinates can be displayed in latitude/longitude as well as northings/eastings.

Automatic Re-set

With a single magnet swipe, the OSPREY will automatically reset itself when reinstalled in a new location. This eliminates the need to manually update new coordinates, therefore making installation quick and easy.

The OSPREY range of products offers users intelligent remote pressure monitoring by using GPS to eliminate manual data collection errors. This saves you time and money - and will massively improve the quality of your pressure data - improving the efficiency of your gas distribution network.

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